Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development & Design Centre
Autonomus Body Under Ministry of Mines, Government of India
NABL Accredited Lab


JNARDDC, Wadi, Nagpur – Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre, is an autonomous body under ministry of mines, Govt. of India, which provides major financial support to the centre for its research activities. The centre is recognized as a Scientific & Industrial research organization by the Department of Scientific & Industrial research, Ministry of science & technology, Government of India. It is a “center of excellence” set up in 1989 as a joint project by Ministry of Mines, Government of India and United Nations Development programe and fully functional since 1996. It was set up with a vision to create a state of the art research institute for the development of technologies and provide services to both primary and secondary aluminium industries with a special emphasis on environmental sustenance, energy and material conservation.
The Centre is located in its own sprawling campus just outside the orange city of Nagpur and became fully functional since 1996. With serene surroundings and housed in a modern technical complex with state of art equipments provide just the right atmosphere for the scientists of the Centre to make creative contributions to the technological growth of the Indian aluminium industry. JNARDDC, an autonomous body of Ministry of Mines is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 ( 455/87-Nagpur dated 13.8.1987) and Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 ( F-6778-Nagpur dated 8.10.1987) as a Trust. It is the only institute of its kind in India pursuing the cause of R&D from bauxite to finished products under one roof to provide technological inputs to Indian aluminium industries for optimum utilization of existing facilities and further growth of their technical capabilities.
Under Ministry of Mines, JNARDDC has constantly retained its adherence to the its objectives of serving the aluminium industry in India by providing them R&D support system. Some of the services rendered by JNARDDC are: the geological evaluation of ore deposits, technological evaluation of bauxite, up-gradation of laterite and research on alloy development, management of industrial wastes, process control and mathematical modeling.
The researchers excel in par with the international standards in developing new technologies so as to sustain environmental balance and conserve materials and energy in aluminium industry. There are many research facilities such as bauxite laterite processing, alumina production, primary metal production, downstream processing, analytical equipments and many more that add up to the functioning of the industry. JNARDDC has a superior hold on: upgradation of laterites and bauxites, large scale laboratory tests, pre-feasibility studies for alumina plant, energy audit mass & heat balance of bayer’s process, downstream technologies like casting, extrusion, waste utilization and analytical services.
The centre has successfully accomplished several major projects for Indian aluminium industry like developing guidelines for disposal & utilization of red mud from aluminium industry, characterization of C.P. coke, suitability of alternate source of aluminium fluoride for smelters, recycling of industrial wastes into glass ceramic products etc. It is one of the outstanding Research Centre dedicated to the service of the aluminium industry in this part of Asia.