Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development & Design Center
Autonomus Body Under Ministry of Mines, Government of India
NABL Accredited Lab

Ongoing Project

    SrNo               ProjectCode          Project Name                 Location
      1.         S-21 Synergistic utilization of aluminium industrial wastes for development of geopolymeric building materials 

S&T Mines  & Swarnalata Holdings, Raipur.

      2.         S-22

Developing downstream application of strip cast aluminium alloys (AA8011 and AA3004),

S &T Mines &  NALCO & VNIT, Nagpur

      3.         S-25 Nano Processing of Industrial Rejects for use as additives in Mixdesigns for improved pozzolanic reaction efficiency S&T Mines  AND VNIT, Nagpur
      4.        S-26 Fabrication of Advanced Ceramic Nanocoatings for Automotive Applications

S&T Mines  and Christ University


      5.        S-27 Estimation of Morphodynamicity and its remedial action using Red-mud based concrete at coastal zone of Eastern Odisha 

S&T Mines  and IIT, Bhunabeswar 


      6.        S-28 Status report on work carried out nationally and internationally on Red Mud to benchmark future investigation in the country 

S&T Mines


      7.        S-29 Techno-economic Survey of Aluminium Scrap Recycling in India 

S&T Mines


      8.         S-30

To study the fire retardancy of nano-ATH in polymers with CIPET

      9.        S-31 Bench scale study on extraction of pure Silica and smelter grade Aluminium Fluoride from Coal Fly Ash (CFA)



      10.         N-42 Utilization of PLK (Partially Lateritised Khondalite) as a potential and value added filler material with specific reference to white ceramics and pigments

NALCO, Bhubaneswar

(Joint project with CV Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar)

      11.        P-55 Utilization and development of process for recovery of strategic rare earths from industrial waste –Bauxite Residue at lab scale, Ministry of Science and Technology (DST)



      12.        N-43 Development of inline automated anode butt monitoring system to measure anode butt parameters


NALCO, Bhubaneswar 

      13.        N-44

Development of Wi-Fi enabled sensor arrangement for online measurement of anode current distribution of aluminium electrolysis cell 

NALCO, Bhubaneswar

      14.        N-45 Development of ceramic proppant from low grade materials (Partially Lateritised Khondalite -PLK, Fly ash, etc.) - Phase-II-Scale up studies

 NALCO, Bhubaneswar


      15.        P-57 Supply of Equipment for online bath measurement



      16.        P-58 Technological testing of Bauxite sample for establishing the mass balance of the process design of the expansion study at Vedanta Ltd, Lanjigarh, Kalahandi, Odisha