R&D Services - Analytical Research

R&D Services :: Analytical Research

The Analytical Division performs sponsored projects and in-house R&D at the intersection of routine analysis and analytical methods development for materials characterisation relevant to aluminium and other industry origin as well as R&D institutes.

  • Chemical physical and geomorphological characterization of bauxite
  • Wet and instrumental analysis of bauxite, hydrate, alumina, aluminium, alloys, and other raw material of metal production
  • Analytical Method Development for samples from aluminium industry and R&D origin
  • Analytical support to other divisions for projects and R&D
  • Training in wet chemical and instrumental analysis
  • Development of quantitative chromatographic method for bauxite, aluminium and aluminium alloys based on TLC-Densitometry

Ongoing R&D in the Area of Analytical Research

  • Analysis of impurities (Fe, Si, Ca etc.) in alumina and aluminate liquor using hand held spectrometer , NALCO
  • Development of portable analytical kit for field analysis of bauxite: Emphasis on in-situ micro-analysis of mineral entities for mineral prospecting (Ministry of Mines, Govt of India)

Major Facilities

  • XRD, XRF, ICP &Wet chemical
  • Glow discharge spectrometer (GDS)
  • Surface area analyser with micropore options
  • Petrological polarising microscope
  • Thermal analyser (TG-DSC, TG-DTA)
  • Mercury intrusion porosimete
  • TLC scanning densitometer & DE-TLC image analyzer
  • Laser particle size analyser
  • Thermal conductivity meter