Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development & Design Centre
Autonomus Body Under Ministry of Mines, Government of India
NABL Accredited Lab

R&D Services - Bauxite-Alumina

R&D Services :: Bauxite and Alumina

  • Geology and evaluation of bauxite deposits
  • Beneficiation and upgradation of laterites and bauxites
  • Total characterisation of bauxites including trace elements and organic carbon
  • Techno-economic evaluation of bauxite deposits for bauxite production and non­ metallurgical application
  • Technological testing of bauxite including large scale laboratory tests for desilication, digestion, precipitation and settling
  • Pre-feasibility and basic engineering package for bauxite mining and alumina plant
  • Energy audit of alumina plant, foundry, steam plant, chemical plant etc.,
  • Mass and heat balance of Bayer's process

Ongoing R&D in the Area of Bauxite-Alumina

  • Analysis of impurities (Fe, Si, Ca etc.) in alumina and aluminate liquor using hand held spectrometer , NALCO
  • Study on scale formation in precipitation tank based on the operating parameters to optimize the uptime of tanks at Alumina Refinery plant, NALCO, Damanjodi
  • Infrared thermography studies at alumina plant 2014 NALCO, Damanjodi
  • Development of Ceramic Proppant form PLK and Fly Ash at Laboratory Scale (NALCO)
  • Upgradation & utilisation of laterite of east- and west Coast deposits (Ministry of Mines, Govt of India)
  • Process development for production of low soda (Na2O) hydrate in Bayer circuit. (Ministry of Mines, Govt of India)
  • Development of portable analytical kit for field analysis of bauxite: Emphasis on in-situ micro-analysis of mineral entities for mineral prospecting (Ministry of Mines, Govt of India)

Major Facilities

  • Laboratory autoclaves (5 L &10 L)
  • Bomb digesters (100 ml, 200 ml )
  • Laboratory Precipitator
  • Universal impact mill
  • Flotation machine
  • Bond work index
  • Wet high intensity magnetic separator
  • Large scale alumina laboratory (LSAL)
  • Laboratory ferrous wheel separator