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जेएनएआरडीडीसी में साक्षात्कार के परिणाम

Modify Date : 11/09/2019
Sr.NoProjectDate of InterviewSelected Candidate
1Optimization of digestion efficiency in Bayer Process by ascertaining the ideal size fraction of bauxite feed26/11/2019Ms Snehal Prakash Korde, JRF
2N-46 An Innovative and viable process for recovery of iron values from red mud and processing of non-ion material for developing value added products - Complete Utilization of Red Mud26/11/2019Ms Amrita Karn, JRF
3Operation and Maintenance of Extrusion Press23/08/2019Mr Suman Mukherjee, SRF
4Workshop Technician (Contractual)31/07/2019Mr Dilip Deoraoji Dhanpale
5Techno-Economic Survey of Aluminium Scrap Recycling in India18/03/2019Ms Kalyani Humne, JRF
6Techno-Economic Survey of Aluminium Scrap Recycling in India18/03/2019Mr Devashish Kumar, JRF
7To Study the Fire Retardancy of Nano-ATH in Polymers01/03/2019Ms Sneha Bahadure, JRF
8Utilisation of PLK(Partially Laerised Khondalite) as a potential and value added filler material with specific reference to white ceramics and pigments28/12/2018Ms Kalyani Dhore
9Scientific Assistant - II (Contractual) Post - 120/12/2018Mr Gopal Daware
10Scientific Assistant - II (Contractual) Post - 220/12/2018Mr Pravin Waghmare
11Scientific Assistant - II (Contractual) Post - 320/12/2018No One Selected
12Utilization and development of process for recovery of strategic rare earths from industrial waste-Bauxite Residue at lab scale, Dept of Science and Technology(DST)06/08/2018(जे आर एफ)
13Library and other project activities06/08/2018(लाइब्ररी सह प्रोजेक्ट असिस्टेंट)