Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development & Design Centre
Autonomus Body Under Ministry of Mines, Government of India

1)  28th International Conference on Non-ferrous Metals on 12-13th July 2024 at Bhubaneswar.    

Ongoing Projects 2024

Sr.No Project No. Project Title Agency
1 P-69 Performance evaluation of Dewatering aid (DEWA-369) chemicals Abhitech Energycon Ltd. Mumbai
2 S-37 / P-63 Technology Development for Holistic Utilization of Red Mud for Extraction of Metallic Value & Residue Utilization [NML, Jamshedpur, IMMT, Bhubaneshwar, JNARDDC, Nagpur, NALCO, HINDALCO & VEDANTA] under aegis of NITI Aayog
3 S-38 Red mud valorization to achieve zero waste, conversion of residue into diagnostic x-ray shielding tiles after recovery of scandium (with CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal) : S&T (Mines)
4 S-39 Development of medium strength Al-Mg-Si (AA6082 based) alloy for high end strategic applications (extruded or drawn tubes) with IIT Gandhinagar : S&T (Mines)
5 S-40 Un-diluted Recycling of Cast Aluminium Alloys Containing High Fe Impurity Suitable for SMEs (with BML MUNJAL University and SNR Sons Charitable Trust) : S&T (Mines)
6 S-41 Production of Onyx grade ATH (sodium bicarbonate route) using low-grade bauxite from Kutch region of Gujarat. (With Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, KIIT, Bhubaneshwar and industry partner - NIKNAM Chemicals PVT. LTD) S&T(Mines)
7 S-42 Fabrication of Al2O3 containing cellulose based Ag NPs encapsulated collagen dressing and investigation of its therapeutic opportunities in diabetic wound healing. (With Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneshwar and JNARDDC) S&T(Mines)
8 S-46 Development of low cost filler material utilizing Lithomargic clay for paint industry as per IS 68 2006 standard : S&T (Mines)(Industry partner: Mundle Paint and Chemicals, Bhandara)
9 S-47 Development of prototype aluminium seat frame for passenger buses: (with Automotive Research Association of India) S&T (Mines)
10 S-48 Process for production of ATH with high whiteness using non-metallurgical grade bauxite by following soda sintering process: S&T(Mines) (With Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai Indian Oil Campus Bhubaneswar and Industry Partner : NIKNAM Chemicals PVT. Ltd)
11 S-49 An optimal approach for the retrieval of value-added substances from secondary aluminum black dross : S&T(Mines) Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore & Industry Partner : Phoenix Alloys
12 N-47 Development of Process for 4N High Pure Alumina (HPA) and Substrate Making for its Validation in LED applications. NALCO Bhubaneshwar(Jointly with IIT Bhubaneshwar & Anna University)
13 N-48 Development of DC cast Al Alloy for Yoke in automobile applications NALCO Bhubaneshwar (Jointly with ARAI Pune)
14 N-50 N-50 Kinetic study of different unit operations like digestion, desilication NALCO
15 N-51 N-51 Detailed Thermal / Heat Balance Study of the Cast House Furnaces to Increase Furnace Efficiency NALCO
16 P-65 Recycling Coal Mine Overburden to Reuse as a Value-Added Building Material to Promote a Circular Economy, Ministry of Coal (with VNIT, Nagpur, BIT Mesra and CMPDIL, Dhanbad )
17 P-66 Utilization of aluminium dross in synthetic slag preparation for secondary steel making” with suitable funding agencies. Daiki Aluminium Industry India Pvt. Ltd, Sricity, AP
18 P-67 Coal mine overburden alkali-activtated composites (CMOAAC) for pre-fabricated 3D volumetric construction elements & system thereof (3DVCES) Ministry of Coal (with CPMDIL, IIT-BHU & VNIT, Nagpur)
19 P-68 Evaluation of CGM (Crystal growth modifier) [For performance evaluation and dosages optimization of CGM) Kiberlite Chemicals Pvt Ltd. Bangalore